Friday, 20 January 2017

A wedding card

This card has two folds meaning it has six sides and I've added decoration to all six as they can all be seen depending on the viewing angle.

I used 250gsm double-sided paper (from The Works) to make the card and used a mixture of vintage wedding images, die-cuts, paper flowers, wood embellishments, crystals and enamel dots to create the design. The cut-out circle enables you to see the happy couple from one side and the word love from the other.

I only make this type on commission as they can take a bit of time to put together.They cost between £6-9 depending on the size and detail.

I'll be back on Sunday with this week's circle for my 52 week project.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Just a quick one

Just a quick one today as I'm still working on this and the deadline is looming!

I'll be back on Friday, when normal service will be resumed.


Monday, 16 January 2017

Two hearts

These hearts are made from fabric scrap bag that I bought from the Eternal Maker (they also sell through their destash account on Instagram). I love getting scrap bags as a lot of the things I make only need smallish amounts of fabric, so theyre a good way of getting lots of different fabrics. 

Along with the fabrics, I've used some pieces of lace, some tatting, vintage buttons and a fabric covered heart button. Each one is stuffed with a mixture of stuffing and dried lavender.

These hearts are destined for the Seagrass Gallery in West Kirby, but I have others in the pipeline that I'll be adding to my Etsy store.

I'll be back on Wednesday.


Saturday, 14 January 2017

#our52weekproject - week 2

#52weeksofstitchingthecircle - circle no. 2

I've not quite finished this week's circle (I'm doing a piece of work for someone and my deadline has just been shortened) as I need to add another leaf and edge the circle. 

I delved into my new book, The Stitches of Creative Embroidery by Jacqueline Enthoven, for this week's circle. I use buttonhole stitch all the time, but only as an edging stitch, not as an outline to create a design. These flowers use buttonhole stitch 'inside out' as well as the usual way round. 

Again, like last week's circle, the stitches and pattern I'm using are straightforward, but I hope to try sonething a little more challenging for next week's circle.

I'll be posting about my progress on this project every week in my weekend post (as I post every other day, it'll alternate between Saturday and Sunday). The piece of linen I'm using at the moment has four circles on it. Once I've completed all four, I'll damp-stretch them all together, before cutting out the individual circles that I'll then add to a journal that I'm going to keep them all in.

I'll be back on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Current wips*

This is what I'm currently working on:

- a calendar
-  I'm deciding what stitching going to do in this week's circle
- vintage Valentine cards for decorations
- new lavender hearts
- lace on silk for a commission so I can only show a little bit.

I'll be back on Saturday.


*wip -  works in progress